Grimm season 6 spoilers: More of main characters, less of ‘Black Claw’

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Grimm’s season 5 finale “The Beginning of the End” was a mixture of drama and action-filled scenes- as expected from the series, and the fans are in for big revelations as David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, spills some beans on the finale and on for the next season of the show.

On David Giuntoli’s interview with Entertainment weekly, he was asked about Eve’s different reaction from Monroe and Nicks’ to the miracle stick and the possibility of her becoming Juliette again. in which he responded to with “that stick is to hexenbiests what penicillin is to human beings,” and that it looks like the miracle stick has cured Eve’s mortal wounds and hexenbiest side effects.

He was also asked about Black Claw coming back for the next season, and David said that “the group is so done” and that he thinks it will now be about between Nick and Renard. He said that he is hoping the next season would be more about the main characters and less about the exterior evil groups and Black Claw.

Regarding Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship, David revealed that the two different Wesens are having a baby, and that it is a beautiful and wonderful moment, and that Nick would probably resent the two if they don’t pick him as the child’s godfather.

Jordan Ausiello of TV Line said that David Giuntoli told Kim Roots of his plan to expand his role in Grimm by directing his first episode because he has been so compelled with what is going on behind the scenes and that he knows the show as well as anyone else does.

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