Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 3 crossover possible, James Gunn reveals

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Photo courtesy: William Tung/Flickr.com

Guardians of the Galaxy will be meeting the superheroes of the Avengers very soon. James Gunn, director of GOTG Vol 1 and Vol 2 has recently given a hint which suggests that the two teams are going to collide soon enough.

The 54-year-old director was answering questions from fans on his Twitter account. During the session, there was a question thrown at him which highlighted the Guardians not being present in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Captain America: Civil War”.

“Because they’re currently in a different galaxy” Gunn replied.

Gunn may have provided a big hint by stating that Gamora, Drax, Groot, Star-Lord and Rocket are in another galaxy. This opens up a future possibility of them being involved in the Avengers galaxy.

Although there has been no official confirmation from Disney or any other key members of the team regarding this from happening, the prospective title of Avengers 3 “Infinity War” provides a pretty strong base of both the teams clashing together.

The key story in most of the films taking place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the search and protection of the Infinity Stones. Both Thanos and The Collector have shown up in post-credit scenes of the Avengers and Thor movies which highlight the fact.

John Russo, who is directing “Avengers: Infinity War – Part One” revealed that he has to work with 67 Marvel superheroes on the movie, as reported by Metro. Hence, this also gives the fans a platform to believe that five spots out of the 67 will be reserved for the Guardians.

Photo courtesy: William Tung/Flickr.com

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