Halloween 2016: Scariest horror shorts that you can watch online [VIDEOS]

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Scariest horror shorts
Scariest horror shorts

As the world prepares for another Halloween party (and supposed clown purge), another thrill seeking couch potatoes is probably looking for the best and free(est) movies that will give the scare of their life. Fortunately, there are independently made films available on YouTube, that are as freaky (sometimes even scarier) than their Hollywood counterparts. The following are some of the scariest horror shorts that can be watched online.



Running a heart-stopping two minutes and thirty seconds, Bedfellows invade one of the most vulnerable places any normal human being can be attacked- your bed. The film may actually be a lot creepier to watch if you’re lying in bed with another person.

Lights Out

This short film is actually another before you sleep type of scare that plays a lot with your imagination as well as the light switch. If you like to sleep with the lights off, then this may actually be nothing to you, but if you have a night light than this horror short may make think you twice about turning it on.

The Smiling Man

The Smiling Man is an Urban Legend about a… a smiling man who chases you around, and in some cases may try to kill you. The story has inspired several short clips that make use of the Urban Legend, but the one below seems to capture the exact feeling of facing something as strange and frightening in real life.

I Heard That Too

Despite having a much lower production value than the other movies in the list, I Heard That Too is still one of the scariest horror shorts online, with its simple yet disturbing premise. If you have kids, you may want to skip this one.


Probably one of the most tech-relevant among the films in this list, Alexia is about a man whose dead ex-girlfriend attempts to get back with him through Facebook. Ironically, this is also how the boyfriend dumped the girl. For those who believe in cyber spooks, this may be the shorter for you.

There are just some of the scariest horror shorts online, but there are countless others waiting to be discovered and keep you up at night. Though these movies should probably start you off.

Lights out.

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