Homeland Season 6 release date and spoilers: Claire Danes talks Carrie revelations

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Homeland Season 6
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After five successful seasons, American political thriller TV series Homeland is now up for another must-watch season with Homeland Season 6 scheduled on Jan. 15, 2017. The fans are excited about what the sixth installment has to offer after an intriguing Season 5 finale.

GameNGuide reported that the fans can expect several changes and turn of events in Homeland Season 6. Moreover, the upcoming season will see Carrie (Claire Danes) having a new breath of fresh air while Quinn (Rupert Friend) remains in a dark situation.

It is suggested that Carrie will live a normal life together with her daughter in New York City while in constant need of medication for her bipolar disorder. However, Carrie will also find herself in a losing grip situation.

The 37-year-old actress said that in the upcoming season, she thinks that her character needs to make time for her daughter that’s why she is bound having a new life. She is now seen living in Brooklyn working for an organization helping Muslims who are living in the U.S.

“She’s stateside; she’s living with her daughter. This idea of atonement is still playing. She’s accrued a lot of guilt over the years and she’s still wrestling with that. She’s on her meds! She’s probably mentally capable,” Danes said in a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In previous reports, Homeland Season 6 will show the U.S. election and the inauguration of the president. Quinn is also revealed to be alive after a life-threatening experience in the finale of Season 5.

Meanwhile, Showtime President David Nevins revealed during a press tour that Homeland Season 6 will be partly shot in New York City.

Aside from Danes and Friend, the series also stars actors in key roles including Mandy Patinkin, Morena Baccarin, Damian Lewis and Jackson Pace.

Photo courtesy: homeland_showtime/Instagram

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