How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 release date, spoilers, predictions focus on Wallace Mahoney’s death, Frank Delfino, Wes Gibbins primary suspects

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 release date ft Wallace Mahoney murder death
While How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 release date is nearing, several explosive revelations were already slated. Annalise finds out Frank’s crime.

While waiting for How to Get With Away With Murder Season 3 release date, exciting spoilers are revealed which will surely entice fans. Various sources mentioned that the new season opens with Wallace Mahoney’s death in Season 2.

Show creator Pete Nowalk said that Frank Delfino might be counted as one of the primary suspects for Wallace’s death in the previous season. He would be with Wes Gibbins himself. “I don’t know. That’s definitely a possibility,” he confirmed.

Nowalk explained about the possibility on Frank’s motive of killing Wallace based from the series’ finale.

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“From what we saw, Frank was finding out that Wallace was Wes’ father in the finale. Once Laurel told him, I think it was information he was getting in that moment. Say what you will why he would do that, but I think that definitely make sense,” he mentioned.

He added about the on-going mystery with Wallace’s death. Hence, he doesn’t know how he could create a story within this plot. That being said, this concern might be tackled in How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 instead.

“We don’t know who Wallace was yelling at on the phone. He’s obviously a hedge fund manager. His son was accused of murder years before. We still don’t know what happened with that case,” he added.

“There’s a whole mystery box of things involving Wallace that we might solve in one episode, or we might decide to investigate over many episodes. I’m not sure yet,” Nowalk explained.

In addition, Annalise reportedly has the motive to kill Frank as well. In the last season, she said he has to go which was a bit of an interesting line. Nowalk cited that it’s true. She certainly has a hidden agenda on Frank. She wanted to know if he was the one responsible for killing her baby.

“The line is deliberately written to mean what you want it to mean. This is a huge betrayal. Annalise is finding out that Frank killed her baby. As far as we know, Annalise has never killed anyone, so when she says Frank needs to go, it’s deep and dark,” he noted.

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It might also be Frank has learned Annalise’s motive as well. In fact, Nowalk revealed that he has two options to do for the series: to run away or to win his way back.

He told Variety that he will flee to South America and hide from her forever. He will bring with him a bag with lots of money which he didn’t touch the whole time.

Considering the length of the story, it possible that fans could anticipate a longer road for Frank and Annalise over his responsibility of murderous crimes in How to Get Away with Murder Season 3.

Would Annalise prove Frank’s crime or take his life in her hands? Or will Frank run away or face Annalise in the next season?

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