Hugh Hefner Dead: ‘Playboy King’ update as Playboy Mansion turns into hospital

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Another day, another celebrity death with reports that Playboy owner Hugh Hefner has died. However, Hugh Hefner dead news is all but rumors with one credible site confirming that the Playboy king is “alive and well” at his famous Playboy Mansion on Friday.

Is Hugh Hefner dead? Not from a report from TMZ Sports, which stated that they confirmed with law enforcement that rushed to the Playboy Mansion on Friday who said that they have confirmed that there was no death at the popular “bunny house”,

“We’ve learned earlier today, cops went to the bunny house and spoke with staff members who said Hef’s health remained unchanged. A staff member told Hef the police had come to check on him and he, then personally called cops to say he was okay,” TMZ stated.

The report adds that Hefner has been in “frail health over the last few years” and “rarely comes out of his bedroom.

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This report has been confirmed last year by a British model, who stated in the Daily Mail that the “Playboy Mansion’s glory days are long one.” The report also stated that the mansion has turned into a kind of hospital because of the presence of nurses “instead of lingerie-clad beauties.”

“He almost never leaves home and refuses to change anything in the mansion the whole place feels like it’s stuck in the 1980s,” Model Carla Howe stated in the article last year.

Popularly known as “Hef” and a playboy in his younger years, Hefner was born April 9, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois. He has a net worth of over $43 million because of the success of the Playboy Magazine, which is still one of the popular adult magazines in the world.

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Some media Hugh Hefner dead headlines made the web in recent days, but the 90-year-old adult magazine mogul is still alive with the Playboy bunnies taking care of him.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/@hughhefner

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