Hunt For The Wilderpeople: Deadpool’s favorite movie in 2016

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Deadpool's favorite movie in 2016
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Deadpool is admired by fans and critics alike. But one should not take everything he says as holy dictum. Sometimes a grain of salt is very much in order. Recently in an interview, Deadpool made public his taste in movies. Hunt For The Wilderpeople is Deadpool’s favorite movie in 2016.


Deadpool also referred to as the Merc with the mouth has a rather rude sense of humor. Add to that a potty mouth and a mission to save the world and you have an electrifying mix. The comic book character recently personified himself and gave an interview with Empire Magazine. One should not, however, confuse with Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds the actor who essays the role in Hollywood flicks.  Hunt For The Wilderpeople isDeadpool’s favorite movie in 2016 reports comicbook.com.

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The issue was raised during a conversation about his perceptions of 2016. The revelation of Deadpool’s favorite movie in 2016 came right after he suggested that The Amanda Knox Story documentary on Netflix could have fared better had it included him.

‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople. Serious answer,’ was the take on his favorite movie in 2016.

People were astounded how Deadpool came across this indie gem but it told a lot about his solid taste!

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The Film

The tale of Hunt For The Wilderpeople is charming and runs deep. The film is directed by Taika Waititi. And the cast is just perfect! The film was a refreshing change from the plenty of let downs we had in 2016.

The tale limns a timeless yarn focusing on how people overcome differences when they are face to face with tragedy and adversity. The film is an adventure story that rouses you with layers of the comic ingrained. The director has a master’s touch. And he skillfully uses that to interweave the awesome and honest performances of Julian Dennison and Sam Neill with a touch of lively humor. It is hilarious and pleases the viewer as he can relate to the theme of the growing up journey and the people who facilitate that evolution. That is, of course, if we do indeed decide to grow up and also if we consider growing up to be worth it!


Photo Courtesy: BagoGames/Flickr

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