Hunter X Hunter 2016 comeback, Yoshihiro Togashi ‘King of Hiatus’ no more

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HUNTER X HUNTER IS COMING BACK IN 2016 ハンターハンター by Biattack716/ Youtube Video

Once dubbed as King of Hiatus, Yoshihiro Togashi is now sketching up his comeback to the limelight together with the reported return of Hunter X Hunter early months of this year. Hunter X Hunter 2016 is a much-awaited comeback after a long period of lag in the adventure manga series, which left chain of questions after it met a halt back in 2014.

Authority site, ShonenJump.com, revealed the likelihood of a comeback of Hunter X Hunter this 2016. Based on the site’s recent activity, a post reads “連載再開” (rensai saikai) “遂に動き出す (tsuini ugoki dasu)!As Kotaku translated the phrase, it would somehow mean  “serialization resuming, finally, it’s getting going!”

The return of Togashi and his famous anime will surely delight anime fans around the globe as Gon, and fellow Hunters will continue their journey. Though this is not the first comeback made by Togashi, it would still be interesting and worth following especially because of the possible inclusion and deepening of Dark Continent Arc, based on the teaser.

However, despite the reported return of Hunter X Hunter, there is still no assurance that the author will come up with a voluminous output. It can be remembered that on his activity log, series of short period hiatus were made creating a momentary pause in the anime series.

Hiatus-Hiatus.com, which is critically after the progress of Hunter X Hunter’s author, showcased a graph showing some inconsistencies in Togashi’s work pattern. Well, it cannot be blamed for there were earlier reports that Togashi felt ill before and had even experienced a back surgery.

Though there was no exact connection of the illness or the surgery to his work ethics, a fan cannot be blamed for having doubts and fears on the fate of the reported Hunter x Hunter 2016 comeback. Nevertheless, whether it is by illness or a creative genius block, Togashi and Hunter X Hunter be more exciting this time around.

Photo Courtesy: Biattack716/ Youtube

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