Hunter X Hunter Chapter 359 Spoilers, Predictions: Illumi Zoldyck hired to assassinate Princes; Kurapika senses Illumi’s bloodlust?

Hunter X Hunter
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Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 showed Kurapika sensing a dark aura near Queen Oito and her child. There are speculations that the aura belongs to an enemy who plans to assassinate the member of the Kakin Royal family. Is it the Phantom Troupe or the Zoldycks?

Hunter X Hunter chapter 358 started with the announcement of the beginning of the Dark Continent expedition and Royal Succession war. It has been declared that the succession war will stop once someone has died before they land in the Dark Continent. However, it seems that it is inevitable since assassins are scattered everywhere.

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Kurapika sensed a dark aura in the location of Queen Oito and her child so he immediately turned his attention to them. However, it seemed like it was only his imagination. Still, there is a possibility that someone is really threatened to attack the queen. The dark aura seemed to be similar to Illumi’s aura.

Recalling when Hisoka joked about killing Killua, Illumi released a dark aura saying that he will kill the Magician. The aura that he unleashed is similar to the dark aura that was shown in the past chapter. Since Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe decided to target the Kakin Royal family and their treasure, there is a possibility that they rehire Illumi to help them with their mission.

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Chrollo hired Illumi once to assassinate the ‘Ten Dons’ so the possibility of this speculations is higher. Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 will surely show some action involving Kurapika and how he will protect Queen Oito and her child from danger.

Hunter X Hunter chapter 359 will be released on Thursday, June 23,2016.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Official VAP Site

Video courtesy: Youtube/Rasan Bortani

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