Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Release Date, News: Yoshihiro Togashi ready to work; ‘Dark Expedition Arc’ resumes

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Yoshihiro Togashi, the writer and illustrator of Hunter X Hunter, suffered a severe back pain. This caused the delay of the release of the popular manga series. However, recent reports revealed the Togashi already recovers and ready to resume the manga.

Hunter X Hunter manga series stopped at chapter 360 where there was an ongoing commotion inside the Black Whale. The “Dark Expedition Arc” involves Kurapika, the Zodiacs, the Phantom Troupe, and other strong characters. Kurapika was near to find the killer before Hunter X Hunter undergone a hiatus. Nen beasts started to appear and expected to create a havoc.

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Fans predicted that the “Zoldycks” were also inside the Black Whale. Kurapika sensed a dark aura which is the same as Illumi’s. Unfortunately, the manga stopped when the actions were about to get more intense. Fans expected the hiatus to take longer as Togashi’s back pain got worse.

In the past months, rumors circulated that Togashi’s wife Naoko Takeuchi will take over. Takeuchi is also a manga artist who created the “Sailor Moon”. However, it may affect the quality of the manga. Fans surely want Togashi to finish the manga himself.

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It was revealed Togashi already completed 24 chapters two years ago. Togashi might already finish the entire “Dark Expedition Arc” before he suffered a lower back pain. Recently, he attended the 40th-anniversary celebration of Osamu Akimoto’s Kochikame. Togashi appeared to be in good spirit and ready to work on the manga. Fans see this as a good sign that Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 will be released soon.

Still, Shueisha is yet to announce the specific date of return of Hunter X Hunter. The manga series resumes as soon as Togashi starts working again. Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 is expected to be released early in 2017.


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