Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 release date, rumors: Yoshihiro Togashi’s wife, Naoko Takeuchi, to continue the manga series with husband’s health deteriorating

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 is yet to be released and there is no official confirmation regarding its return. Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator and illustrator of the popular Anime, is still battling with back pain that forced the manga to another hiatus.

Hunter X Hunter fans were left on a cliffhanger when the action is set to become more intense inside the Black Whale. With the start of the Dark Continent Arc, more powerful characters are set to appear, including Nen Beasts, the Phantom Troupe, and the Zodiacs.

Kurapika is near to identify the killers who are threatening the life of the Royal family. The current hiatus was due to the ailing condition of Yoshihiro Togashi which was also the reason why Hunter X Hunter went off in 2013. After the recurrence of his illness, Togashi was advised to take a complete rest, resulting in the delay of the release of the manga.

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Since the hiatus started, there were rumors that the manga publisher, Shueisha, will be looking for a new creator and illustrator to continue the succeeding Hunter X Hunter chapters. However, reports claimed that Togashi wanted to finish his masterpiece on his own.

Also, if another person will continue his work, the quality of the manga will surely be affected that may lead to disappointments to most of the fans. However, another rumor circulated that it will be Togashi’s wife, Naoko Takeuchi, who will be continuing the manga.

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Rocket News 24 contacted Shueisha and learned that the return of Hunter X Hunter is still unknown.

“The last time the series was put on hold, it was because of Togashi-Sensei’s lower back pain, and once again, his condition has gotten worse, necessitating a break again. At this time, it is not certain when we will be able to resume the series.”

As of now, fans are patiently waiting for the release of Hunter X Hunter 361. With the manga halted in an intense action, Yoshihiro Togashi will be back to finish what he has started.

Photo courtesy: Hunter X Hunter Wikia

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