Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Release Date: Yoshihiro Togashi’s back pain getting worse; Fans should expect a hiatus longer than 2 years

Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 is yet to be released but fans became more concerned with Yoshihiro Togashi’s health. The creator of the popular Anime is currently suffering from back pain which also caused the last hiatus of Hunter X Hunter.

Nobody predicted that Hunter X Hunter will be undergoing a hiatus again. The action is about to get more intense as ‘Nen Beasts’ appeared and about to create a havoc in the Black Whale. The fans were left with a cliffhanger on who are the real killers. There are speculations that the killers are from the Phantom Troupe, the Zoldycks or ‘Nen Beasts’ but still unconfirmed because of lack of details shown in the previous chapters.

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Many are expecting that Hunter X Hunter chapter 361 will already give the major hint regarding the killers. However, to everyone’s disappointment, it seems like it will take another two years before we definitely know what will happen.

When the announcement of another hiatus spread, there are rumors circulating that Hunter X Hunter will be cancelled or and is not going to be updated anymore. As usual, the fans did not bite the news as they have been in  a familiar situation before. However, it will still depend on how serious Yoshihiro Togashi’s health condition is.

Hunter X Hunter just returned this April after undergoing a hiatus for two years. Everyone was expecting before that the hiatus will only take two weeks. Shueisha, the publisher of Hunter X Hunter, revealed to RocketNews24 that Togashi’s back pain was the main reason why the series is put on hold.

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“The last time the series was put on hold, it was because of Togashi-Sensei’s lower back pain, and once again, his condition has gotten worse, necessitating a break again,” said Shueisha. “At this time, it is not certain when we will be able to resume the series.”

If his condition is getting worse, fans can expect a longer hiatus than the previous one. Still, everyone is hoping that Yoshihiro Togashi will have a faster recovery and continue the popular manga soon.

Photo courtesy: Yoshihiro Togashi/Twitter

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