One Punch Man beginner’s guide and Season release update

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One Punch Man, Saitama
One Punch Man Saitama vs Boros ►Funny Scene OK- By: Youti/ Youtube Channel

One Punch Man has undeniably conquered the anime world with just one season. Since its a relatively new anime, some newly mesmerized Saitama fanatics are still confused between the terms or concepts like the webcomic and manga remake. Apart from the highly sought One Punch Man Season 2 release date and spoiler, this particular aspect of the anime are bothering some fresh OPM fans.

To begin with, the most confusing part for some first time white cape followers are the concepts of manga and webcomic. Questions about it has become so redundant that it led loyal fans to outline its significant differences on OPM’s Reddit account. Username Heatstrike discussed some of the differences between manga and webcomic through his Reddit post with the headline, “Manga/Webcomic Differences.”

Through the information shared by an avid OPM fan, it can be deduced that manga is not merely an improvement of the webcomics concerning its visual contents. Yusuke Murata’s genius goes beyond the graphical presentation of the webcomic, for he tried adding some variations in the character and bits of the storyline to make it more exciting.

In brief,  if you want to explain to someone the difference of webcomic from the manga or remake, you may simply borrow the words of another Saitama devotee. Reddit username “Metagen” simply phrased the difference between the two copies stating that:

“The badly drawn version is by ONE and came first, read it if you dont mind spoilers on the redraw.”

Now the next question would be how different is the anime from the manga. Comparing both may lead to few differences. And on the Reddit account of OPM, user “ocorena” emphasized that:

“Not really any big differences, it’s gone basically scene by scene with the manga so far…”

As of now those are the most relevant information based on avid fans opinion and experiences when it comes to the significant differences between OPM Webcomic, Manga, and Anime.

However, there is no certainty that both anime and the manga will continue to be devoted to the plot and presentation of the webcomic. And knowing which is the best among the three, would likely depend on your inclination.

If you would like to have an in-depth understanding of the writing, it’s better to prefer the comic or its derivative. But if you like to venture into the action flows of the story of Saitama, then choose anime. And in that case you would have to wait for there are still no exact release date of the One Punch Man Season 2, what you will be seeing on the web are still pure speculations.

Photo Courtesy: Youti/Youtube

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