Is Beyonce Dead: Top 5 weirdest cuts for ‘CutforBeyonce’ support

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Celebrity fans can be as naughty, nice, scary, or extreme and in terms of Beyonce’s fans, all the adjectives above could describe them as they show their support for her when she accidentally cut herself while performing.

The accident happened during the singer’s Tidal X: 1015 concert in Brooklyn, where the singer apparently cuts her ears when her braid snagged her earring. The cut left the singer bleeding profusely, but that didn’t stop her from performing the song until then end. Talk about professionalism.

However, something weird turned out when Queen Bey’s fans showed their sympathy and support for their beloved queen when they started cutting their ears as well and posted pictures of their maimed ears on social media with the hashtag #CutforBeyonce.

It got even weirder as the self-mutilations were taken to the next level and the cuts became worse and worse. Some of those, although it is doubtful whether they were Photoshopped or not, even cut a large portion of their ears off as if a zombie had eaten it. Blood is flowing on Twitter as more and more fans cut their ears to show their love for Bey.

Here are our Top 5 weirdest and, perhaps, grossest #Cutfor Beyonce. Be warned that those who do not have a strong stomach should not take a look at it.

  1. Is this really a #CutforBeyonce support or the guy just escaped a zombie apocalypse. Is it even Photoshopped? Take your pick.


2. We concur, this one’s not really real, but still gross enough to make this list.


3. Channeling Queen Bee

4. This is totally uncool

5. To cut or not to cut? Just cut it out for Pete’s sake

6. ….and a bonus. Just too funny not to include



Photo Courtesy: flickrphotouser2009/Flickr

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