Jaden Smith Suicide: Celebrity alive but losing mind [VIDEO]

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Jaden Smith Crazy
Jaden Smith Crazy

As the Jaden Smith death rumors continue to proliferate and alarm millions of his fans around the world, theories behind this hoax are now beginning to develop. From PR stunts for his upcoming show to an act of self-promotion, anything and anyone could be behind the false rumors, at this point.

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Though news of Jaden Smith has also brought more of the spotlight on the celebrity’s personal life, including his health. Specifically, his mental health.

A fairly recent interview seemed to suggest some bizarre behavior with the Karate Kid star. According to Daily Mail UK, when grilled by Pharell Williams about where he sees himself in ten years, Smith simply answered: “gone.” Quite the coincidence for someone who’s been the victim of a string of death hoaxes.

Jaden Smith was also spotted (again) using a carton or bottle of water as his phone while running from TMZ. A photo of the fashion icon was shared via Twitter.


This was not the first time Smith was seen with a plastic bottle in his ear. In April, he was also photographed talking weirdly to a bottle of water, like a phone, while wearing a surgical mask. Though he explained this as his way of proclaiming his own way of saving the environment, one plastic bottle at a time.

“My name is Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, and the way that I like to give back to the world is through the environment, because the way that the earth is going now… it is taking us to a breaking point where we almost might not be able to survive,” shared the eccentric actor during the Young Hollywood event of variety last August. “The plastic, that’s the issue, “I want to create a bottle of water that is made from renewable resources.”

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A video of Smith walking with his bottle was shared via YouTube.

Sarah Snyder not good for Jaden Smith?

Meanwhile, Smith’s relationship with Sarah Snyder has also been put into question ever since photos of the model with photographer Gunner Stahl surfaced online. Snyder has also reportedly had a history of drug use, begging the question- is she good for Smith’s mental health?

The alleged video of Snyder can be seen below.

Photo Courtesy: fuseboxradio/ Flickr

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