Jones Cup 2016: Philippines overcomes Iran, virtually clinched championship

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Before the match, the Philippines remained unbeaten with a rout over India, 101-81. Thus, they improved their record to 5-0.

The team got an early first half scare but cruised to a rousing third quarter start in which the Indians never recovered.

Meanwhile, the Philippine team, backed by the Mighty-Sports Club in the country, has virtually clinched the Jones Cup crown based on the report of Interaksyon.com. For at 6-0, even if they lose their last two games, they hold the tiebreaker against teams that may have a similar record with them in the end.

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The Philippines won, 80-73, against a very tough Iran team. This was a very competitive match in which the Iranians did not let the Philippine team breakaway from the game.

At the start, the Philippines seems focused on their goal of cruising past the opponent. It happened when the team surged to a 26-10 lead in the second quarter. But the young and resilient Iran team with no key players like Haddadi, Bahrami, Kamrani, Sahakian and so on, made it really hard for the Philippine team.

The Iranians remained in the game until the fourth quarter. They were able to take the lead by a point, 47-46, during the 2:37 mark of the third quarter.

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However, the Philippine team remained composed as that was the only lead that Iran would get in the game. The Philippines, led by former Philippine Basketball Association import Al Thornton, secured the win for the Mighty-Sports club in the fourth quarter.

Thornton led the scoring in the game with 30 points.

On the other hand, the Iranians was led by the 20 points of Adnan Doraghi. Doraghi was the player who made it tough for the Philippines. His three-pointers are crucial in rallying the team back into the game throughout the second half.

Photo courtesy: Sheryl Reyes/Twitter

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