‘Justice League’ Part 1 update: main villain revealed

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The main villain for Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘Justice League’ has been confirmed- no, it won’t be Lex Luthor- but Steppenwolf of the New Gods.

It has been rumored for a while that Steppenwolf would be indeed the main villain for the first Justice League movie, with the revelation that there is a deleted scene in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice that shows Steppenwolf appearing in the post-credits of the movie with Lex Luthor standing in front of him.

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This deleted scene, as well as the other deleted scenes in Batman VS Superman, will be available on the movie’s Blu-Ray, but its release date is not yet confirmed.

The announcement of Steppenwolf being the main villain was made when the press went for a visit on the set of the Justice League in London. However, according to producer Deborah Snyder, there is no confirmation yet on who is going to play the role.

Steppenwolf is the military leader of the Apokolips, and first appeared in the seventh issue of Jack Kirby’s “New Gods” series with the title of “The Pact” in 1971, where he accidentally killed the New Genesis leader Izaya’s bride, Avia that enraged Izaya and led to the war between Apokolips and the New Genesis.

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Other speculations regarding who is going to be the main villain in the first Justice League movie says that Steppenwolf’s nephew, Darkseid will be playing the role. In The Pact, Izaya and Darkseid settled the dispute of Apokolips and the New Genesis by making a deal of exchanging sons.

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