Justice League Movie News: J.K. Simmon reveals new DCEU’s badass Commissioner Gordon

Justice League movie release date ft J K Simmons as Commissioner Gordon
Justice League movie will feature a new and fit Commissioner Gordon as the Academy Award-winning actor J. K. Simmons gets fitter at 60s.

The Justice League movie in 2017 was already slated under Warner Bros. Pictures. While DCEU fans continue to wait for their arrival, J. K. Simmons teased about the iconic Commissioner Gordon’s character in the film.

News popped out with the 61-year-old J. K. Simmons’ sudden muscular body in social media. According to various sources, the Academy Award-winning actor seemed to prepare for a big role that made him to achieve such stunning physique.

Many thought he’s preparing for his role in Justice League movie as a fit Commissioner Gordon. Yet, he said he wanted to be fit [not just for the role itself]. For him, it’s not too late to do that. In spite of his old age, many people admired his drive to keep himself healthy in his 60s.

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“I was overweight and soft and here I am playing the head of the Aryan Brotherhood in this maximum-security prison in the first ever HBO original drama and I was watching the first season when it came out and I just thought, ‘Wow, I don’t believe this guy at all. I have to get my a** to the gym,” he mentioned that time.

Recently, he told Entertainment Weekly about letting the global audience to see the badass side of Commissioner Gordon in the next Justice League movie in 2017 (and probably in 2019) aside from his jolly and comical type of personality.

“People of my generation remember Commissioner Gordon as this jolly, ineffectual Santa Clause type, and I think over the years in the comics there’s definitely much more of a badass side to him,” he said.

“One of the things that’s interesting to me is investigating hopefully a little bit more of that badass [side] … You’re living in a universe where it’s pretty tough to be a badass compared to somebody like Batman, but in the universe of non-superheroes I like the idea of Commissioner Gordon as a guy that can take care of himself, a guy that’s a real partner to Batman, not just a guy that turns on the bat signal and goes, ‘Help! Help, Batman!” Simmons explained.

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In addition, J. K. Simmons also cited how strong the character will be in DCEU and in the entire Justice League movie. “My understanding, from what I’ve learned so far about Commissioner Gordon, is that he’s the older guy with the mustache who relates with our hero in a certain way,” he stated.

“Other than that, it’s a vastly different character and much more of a stronger, impactful character in the DC universe,” Simmons continued.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie will premiere November 17, 2017 under Warner Bros. Pictures.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/JusticeLeague

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