Kanye West attacked by aliens and other conspiracy theories explaining his bizarre behavior lately

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kanye west on his concert
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Kanye West is behaving rather bizarrely, these days. He had a meltdown in Sacramento. Instead of performing a full set, he ranted about Jay-Z and Beyonce. He canceled the rest of his St. Pablo tour and recently, posted blurry images on his Instagram account.

Is the rapper’s mental health failing him? Is he being chased by aliens? Is he up to his neck in debt? Is it just one of his marketing tactics?

Dissing Jay-z and Beyonce

A lot of fans have expressed their anger and disappointment against Kanye West lately.  Not only did he offend his fans but also Beyonce’s. Now, they are coming full force in defense of their queen.

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When he ranted about the couple, everybody did not see that coming. First, the couple was his long-time friends although the couple snubbed his wedding to Kim Kardashian. Second, it was a concert and people came to see him perform. Instead, he sang for 30 minutes and cut the show short. Before everyone could recover,  he canceled the rest of his St. Pablo tour.

A Nut Job

Earlier this year, Kanye West “confessed” that he is deep in his neck in debts. He even asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to help him. Then, his wife got robbed in Paris. This kept everyone talking whether his debt issue is indeed true.

During his rant against Jay-Z, he expressed his fear of the rapper. He even begged his old friend not to send someone to kill him. “I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head! Just call me! Talk to me like a man,” he said

Why is he afraid of Jay-Z? There were rumors that he owed him money. Could it be that Jay-Z is already asking him for payback?

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Jay-Z doesn’t really care. Some music insiders say that the rapper can’t stand West anymore nor his antics. For him, Wes was just a work friend and that’s that. He even thinks West is a “nut job” which might explain why he has snubbed him many times.

Whatever is happening to Kanye West, his fans hope that he will be able to get out of it.


Photo Courtesy: the_ml / Wikimedia

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