Kate Middleton News: Dreams fulfilled by the Duchess of Cambridge

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Photo courtesy: Ricky Wilson/Flickr.com

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge reached a professional milestone on Tuesday when she completed her first single tour after getting married into the Royal Family. She visited the Netherlands, where the 34-year-old met with the King, participated in a panel, gazed at some arts and completed all the other assignments according to plan.

However, it was on her return when Kate Middleton seemed to have fulfilled the dreams of many passengers of the British Airways 7:15 p.m. commercial flight back home. The Royal decided to utilize the commercial flight from the Netherlands to London instead of a private jet, as reported by Yahoo.com.

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The passengers of the commercial flight were absolutely shocked and delighted to see Kate Middleton walk into the aircraft. The Duchess of Cambridge decided to take a seat close to the front of the plane, according to New Zealand Herald.

Middleton was seen in an elegant light-blue Catherine Walker skirt. It has to be noted that this was the same uniform which she had sported for the entire day’s activities. The mother of two was treated like a commoner throughout the duration of the flight, except for her prime seating space and the permission to get off the plane before the other passengers.

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One of the passengers shared her excitement on Twitter claiming that watching Kate Middleton walking into the plane was her dream. She also understood the reason for the Princess to get off the plane first.


Kate is not the first within the Royal Family to fly commercial. Her husband, Prince William has been spotted previously of using a commercial airline for traveling. The 34-year-old was seen taking an American Airlines commercial flight from Memphis to Dallas in 2014, as reported by Vanity Fair.

Photo courtesy: Ricky Wilson/Flickr.com

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