Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx plan exorbitant wedding; obsession behind extravagant spending revealed

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Photo courtesy: MC1 Chad J. McNeeyley/commons.wikimedia.org

Katie Holmes is currently planning her wedding with “Django Unchained” star Jamie Foxx and is on a no holds barred spending spree renovating her vacation house in Michigan, where the wedding will be hosted. Reports suggest that Katie’s obsession with the Kennedy’s has influenced the design and plans of the house.

“Katie is turning it into a self-contained secure retreat and she plans on spending a lot more time there in the future with Jamie and her daughter Suri. She loves that house and there’s no doubt her obsession with the Kennedys has influenced the design and plans for this house” a source said, as reported by International Business Times. It has to be noted that Katie Holmes is acting in the new series “The Kennedys” as Jackie Kennedy.

Katie Holmes has always stayed loyal to her roots and despite the house on the shores of Devils Lake, nearby Michigan belonging to her parents, the “Batman Begins” actress believes that the house is perfect for a wedding. This has made her pour millions into the renovation of the house ahead of her wedding with Jamie Foxx.

An insider reports that after the renovations are done, the house will replicate the glamor and allure of an A-list celebrity. The 37-year-old actress is certainly adept of being one considering her time with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. Is Katie throwing up an open challenge to Tom? or is she competing to be on the same level as the “Mission Impossible” star? We will never know, but what we do know is that Jamie Foxx will have a heads up in what he is competing with.

There were reports previously which stated that Holmes and Foxx have already tied the knot at Foxx’s mansion earlier this year. However, the news was later quashed with reports of the duo planning an expensive wedding with Katie directing everything leading up to the union.

Photo courtesy: MC1 Chad J. McNeeyley/commons.wikimedia.org

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