Killer clown purge planned on night before Halloween: Details of clown attack emerge [PHOTO and VIDEO]

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Killer Clown purge on Halloween
Killer Clown purge on Halloween

Recently, the internet has been bombarded with Clown scares all over the globe, and it seems that whoever has been behind the reports is planning on bringing it to another level with a rumored clown purge event before this Halloween.

According to recent news, a so-called Clown Purge 2016 was announced on Facebook earlier this month, hinting of a “purge the night before Halloween.” The post, which can be seen below, has been deleted since, but has already gained the attention of the entire world, becoming a trending topic online.

Clown Purge

Source: Morning Ledger

Since the post, numerous Tweets and Instagram photos have also been shared in relation to the supposed killer clown event further igniting fears about the possibility of a clown attack.

Clown Purge News Fake?

Thankfully, though, news debunker website has assured people that the news of a clown purge is false and just a ruse to scare people this Halloween.

“We haven’t been able to find any indication that police in any jurisdiction have even bothered to address the clown purge rumors,” shared Snopes. “During prior outbreaks of “purge” scares, local police typically weighed in to either pledge a close watch or debunk the rumors.”

According to sources, this is not the first time that a purge has been used to threaten Halloween merry makers. Ever since the release of the movie several years ago, spreading the news of a “purge” has become almost like a Halloween tradition. Fortunately, none of these rumors ever came into fruition, with not a single purge ever being documented over the years.

Despite this, the increasing incidents of creepy clown sightings has become alarming that some local law enforcers have already reached out to the FBI and Homeland Security.

Recently, a Gallatin County Sheriff Josh Neale had warned people behind the clown threats, indicating that they may even face charges if they are caught terrorizing people.

In any case, if you do see a clown who looks like he wants to murder, don’t ask any questions and run away.

Photo Courtesy: Bruce Szalwinski/ Flickr

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