Killer Clowns Halloween Purge Night 2016: Six known facts about the latest killer clown craze

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The new clown craze is not funny anymore. Clowning is supposed to be for amusement and entertainment but the latest killer clowns making a halloween purge night rumors are fast becoming to be deadly serious.

Numerous reports of killer clown sightings have been scaring quite a number of people lately and the authorities has already issued a warning, sparking rumors that a “purge night” of killer clowns are out to get people on halloween.

With days left before October 30, sightings are expected to increase and people are already preparing themselves as rumors continue to spread across the internet and social media platforms.

It is only a matter of time before arrests are made and people getting injured are reported, but here are six known facts about the truth of killer clowns halloween purge night.

Killer Clowns Halloween Purge Night is a Hoax

According to the Morning Ledger, the purge night event started from a Facebook post made by Clown Hunters on October 12 where they issued a warning that killer clowns are allegedly planning a purge night before halloween and told people and their pets to stay inside their houses. The said post has already been deleted but not before it went viral.

However, according to snopes.com, a website dedicated on debunking urban legends and internet rumors, the said event is a classic hoax where they already debunked five stories related to killer clowns.

Origin of the Killer Clown Sightings

The earliest report of a killer clown sighting was made on August 2016 in South Carolina, according to the Morning Ledger. Apparently, individuals in creepy clown costumes were spotted in a certain neighborhood, luring children to a forest or abandoned building.

Snopes also debunked this story as they were made by satirical websites who post fake and make-up stories and that the article went viral making people believe that it’s a true story.

Killer Clown Event Hunt

In order to make light of the killer clowns craze, Copenhagen is holding an event where they are reportedly releasing 50 clowns in a restricted area and participants have to capture them for a price. Over a thousand people have been confirmed to participate in the event according to Independent.

Clown Industry suffers due to Killer Clown Craze

Sportsrageous reports that the clown industry is already suffering from the killer clowns craze as reported by numerous outlets. In fact, legitimate clowns are complaining that their business has gone down since the fad happened according to the non-profit organization Clowns without Borders.

Even McDonald’s, whose mascot is a clown named Ronald McDonald, reportedly limited its appearance in public due to the killer clown craze and latest rumors about a killer clown sighting in one of its stores.

Stores Stop Clown Costume Sales

According to the Daily Mail, the American discount retailer Target has stopped selling clown costumes for halloween due to the killer clown craze. Apparently, the fad has caused a lot of worry to the public and they have been getting complaints from customers about the creepy clown costumes.

Killer Clown Craze goes Global

To make matters worse, the killer clown craze has already gone global, according to the Inquisitr. With the fad already spreading across the United States where numerous sightings were made in Alabama, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania, the fad has been reported in countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, as well as Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan.

Hoax or not, the authorities urge people to remain vigilant and safe come halloween or any night as it pays to be extra careful. Pranksters should also be aware that the latest craze may be funny to them, but it may have long-lasting effect on people especially on children.


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