Killer clowns prank going too far: Threat of mass killings prompts autorities to warn of jail time

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Killer Clowns prank
Killer Clowns prank

The killer clowns prank seems to be reaching a whole new level as there are rumors spreading of a mass killing spree this coming Halloween. It also seems that the past few months of clown sightings was only a preview of what could be a very scary Halloween eve for many people around the world.

Though unconfirmed, and largely speculated as a hoax, some local authorities seem to be more inclined to not taking any chances and beefing up their security for the supposed creepy clown purge night.

Country Sheriff Josh Neale of Gallatin has already taken steps to ensure the security of his town, after the alarming reports of a purge broke out. According to sources, he has asked for the help of the FBI and Homeland Security just to ensure that there are no casualties on the eve of Halloween.

Killer clowns prank pushes German authorities to warn of jail time

Germany has also issued warnings to people behind the killer clowns prank craze, announcing that anyone dressed in scary clown costumes to frighten people run the risk of being jailed up to one year. Just over the weekend, sources say that a man dressed as a creepy clown with a knife was arrested by police after scaring passengers of a train.

Another incident was also reported involving the attack of a teenager by a clown wielding a baseball bat. The teen sustained minor injuries, but the news has pushed German authorities to take a harder stance in terms of the current clown phenomenon.

“Anyone who wants to scare another person to death, as the saying goes, is not funny but a criminal,” shared Thomas Kutschaty, who is the justice minister in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. “And for this the unmasked clown can land up in jail for up to a year.”

Meanwhile, the person behind the announcement of the clown purge has reportedly been caught. The unnamed teen was not charged with any crime, despite putting the scare on the entire world. Regardless, it may seem that the supposed clown purge is nothing but a hoax.

Though it’s always best to be safe than sorry, especially with the killer clowns prank not showing any signs of dying down soon.

Photo Courtesy: Gaudencio Garcinuño/ Flickr

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