Kim Kardashian Paris robbery was just a publicity stunt

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Kim Kardashian’s Paris Fashion Week turned into a nightmare when she was reportedly gagged and bound by armed robbers in France last week. The robbers reportedly took her diamond ring and left Kim shaken. However, there have been rumors spreading that everything was just a publicity.

E! News reported that there were skeptics about what happened to Kim saying that it is just another way of the celebrity to create some buzz around her. Kim was reportedly surprised that people would have such a reaction to what happened to her. An insider said that Kim felt like no one understands what she has been going through.

“It’s crazy to hear that people, even for a second, think she is fabricating this story,” the insider said.

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Daily Mail reports that people’s reaction to the supposed robbery is already expected. First of all, the article said that the stolen £3.5 million 20-carat diamond engagement ring was not the engagement ring her husband gave her when he proposed to her.

Second, the robbery could have taken place and £7.8 million of jewelry was stolen from her by supposedly five masked robbers early in the morning. The event might not be a publicity stunt but given how Kim flaunted not only her jewelry, but her wealth on social media had made her a likely target for those robbers.

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Add to that the fact that she constantly documents her every movement, her every purchase made it more easily to find out where she is. It doesn’t take long before those armed men located her and committed the robbery. Since people know her every move because of her, it is not surprising for people to think that it’s another stunt on her part.

Meanwhile, the celebrity was back in Los Angeles and was staying with her mother. On the other hand, reports say that the husband Kanye West has promised to buy her another diamond ring as a replacement for the one that was stolen.

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