The Last Ship Season 3, Episode 13 Recap; Season 4 confirmed, premiere date revealed

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The Last Ship Season 3 episode 13 recap season 4 spoilers TNT
The Last Ship Season 3, episode 13 recap showed Allison Shaw plots USS Nathan James captain Tom Chandler’s death during their meeting. Season 4 confirmed.

The Last Ship Season 3, episode 13 recapped Allison Shaw’s plan to kill USS Nathan James’ captain Tom Chandler, while he’s returning to the American seas in the next episode. Although Chandler tried to reach out to clear his name from the wrong accusations in the military, he didn’t have any idea of what will happen to him once he reached the American shores.

USS Nathan James captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) planned to return to San Diego as soon as possible to face a bigger battle after he finished his war in Asia. With his return, it’s also expected that at that point, he acknowledged that America’s future lies in his hands.

But before he succeeds in his final mission, he has to prepare for something unexpected. According to Spoiler TV, the next episode entitled “Don’t Look Back” clearly showed that Allison Shaw (Elisabeth Röhm) has already intended to murder Chandler during their secret meeting.

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In addition to that, the former told false accusations before she moved towards her goal, which was to slay Chandler in her hands. She alleged Chandler that he’s responsible for dismantling the military that affected their operations.

Furthermore, Shaw also cited that instead of resolving the problem, Chandler did something that worsened the country’s situation than before.  In her point of view, he wasn’t a big help for the country and for the world but a mere culprit of disaster. “You did not save the world. You unleashed the [worst] in human nature,” she said.

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Regarding the show’s renewal, TNT confirmed that The Last Ship Season 4 earned a green light until Season 5. That means the audience will see more of Tom Chandler’s initiative to save the world from the virus in more than 20 episodes.

Catermatt also noted that the series will air in summer of 2017.  In the meantime, The Last Ship Season 3, episode 13 airs on Sunday next week.

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