Leaked Star Wars 8 line provides major clue on Rey’s role in movie; Link to Yoda possible

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Leaked Star Wars 8 line
Leaked Star Wars 8 line

The hype for Star Wars 8 is reaching all-time highs now as Rogue One is also set to see its release this December. And while fans of the beloved sci-fi epic eagerly anticipate the arrival of both films, some are continuously struggling to create theories to quench their thirst for more Star Wars knowledge. Luckily, a supposed leaked Star Wars 8 line for the opening sequence of the film has satiated fans, for the time being.

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A video recently posted by video blogger Mike Zeroh has supposedly leaked a line from the upcoming film. The line could provide more clues about Rey’s role and her relationship with Luke Skywalker. Based on Zeroh’s video below, Luke Skywalker will be uttering the line “You contain the spark that will rekindle the fire,” as his first words in the upcoming movie.

As Zeroh has emphasized, the news about the supposed leaked Star Wars 8 line should be taken with a grain of salt as it comes from a reliable source (or two) and an unreliable source (or two). Either way, it has provided clues that execs of the film look have something grander in mind.

Leaked Star Wars 8 line clues to Rey’s force sensitivity?

Some have speculated that it can all be linked to Rey’s force sensitivity. Some have also liked it to Yoda’s words to Luke in Empire Strikes Back.

“Luminous beings are we… Not this crude matter,” Yoda taught Luke.  “In the sense, Yoda’s using it, the word ‘luminous’ essentially means that we are spiritual beings, emitting a spiritual force — for good or evil,” theorized Movie Pilot. So Luke, a Jedi Master of the Light Side, contains a light within him that irradiates the world around him; whereas Palpatine’s darkness cloaked all around him in evil.”

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Looking closer it seems that Luke is also referring to Rey’s force sensitivity to try and channel the Light Side. Others think that Rey is carrying something special within her that will change the course of the entire Galaxy.

Either way, the leaked Star Wars 8 line has surely amped up the excitement for the upcoming movie. Too bad it’s still far, far away.

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