Let the kingdoms unite- Game of Thrones prequel style

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game of thrones prequel
Photo Courtesy: Hans Splinter-Flickr

As you await with bated breath the eternal story of politics, the tale of intrigue and betrayal as things were back in the medieval era. The sadly relentless lore of needless violence and murder. Not to say that our glorious modern times are bereft of such glorious actions. The flaw I hate to admit is human. We as humans are psychologically riveted in some ways to the baser things of life and going against the tide is dangerous for you. In this light, The Last Kingdom which had its premiere in the American broadcast of the BBC in 2015 may be considered to be a sort of a Game of Thrones prequel.

Netflix is a great believer in the lords at The Last Kingdom adds the first season of the series to their library and hopping right on board as a co-producer for the second season.

In sharp contrast to the fictionalized history of The Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom limns the epic tale of the great unification of the seven kingdoms that would together go toward constituting England. A propaganda tale in light of renewed demands Scottish independence? History and lore are so inextricably linked that it is difficult to give out the final call on that one.

Aegon the Conqueror with legions of dragons may be thought to correspond to the Viking hordes that swept through Britain in the ninth century. None could stand strong against their might but for the ‘titular’ Last Kingdom. The series aims to recreate the political movements that were in place in the larger context and the Kings wish to retain his freedom amid the cacophony of the usual rounds of plots and betrayals according to idigitaltimes.com

According to the ibtimes.com.au, the second season of The Last Kingdom promises to be the kind of Game of Thrones prequel awaited so eagerly by fans with the Danes annexing most of England with only Wessex strong enough to withstand them.

The protagonist Uhtred has decided to join forces with Alfred which was already revealed by the end of Season 1. Together they stand against the Danes with their combined power of knowledge and experience. Ready for the game of thrones prequel?


Photo Courtesy: Hans Splinter-Flickr

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