Lil Wayne could die due to rumored Sizzurp addiction

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Lil Wayne's UFC 200 show cancelled due to epileptic attacks
Lil Wayne’s UFC 200 show was canceled due to his epileptic attacks. Rapper was in emergency room and briefly in ICU. Friends worry about his death wish.

Lil Wayne has been hospitalized for the second time in a week after suffering another severe epileptic attack. He was forced to cancel his concert for UFC 200 at the Las Vegas’ Tao Nightclub on Wednesday and was immediately rushed to the ICU.

During his last seizure, his plane made an emergency landing in Nebraska after the rap star lost consciousness on his flight to California.

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He has previously stated that he had seizures ever since he was a kid. He made a public statement about his condition back in 2013 after he suffered a major seizure where doctors placed him in a medically infused coma.

Questions remain why he refused any treatment after his emergency landing, especially as reports say he suffered another seizure upon the resumption of his flight.

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Lil Wayne insists his epileptic attacks are mainly due to stress and lack of sleep. He also blamed his doctors for not being able to properly balance his medication.

However, a lingering rumor about his addiction to Sizzurp persists.

The rap star has denied this, but the allegations started back in 2013 after he was released from the hospital where large amounts of codeine were found in his system.

If it is true that Lil Wayne has been having seizures since childhood, it seems unlikely that his doctors are still unable to balance his medications up to this point, after suffering multiple attacks over the years.

Lately, he also told reporters he didn’t take medications because a pharmacy in Milwaukee didn’t have the medicines in stock. But how odd is that?

Common causes of epilepsy are brain disorders, head injuries, tumors, and abnormal levels of sugar. Seizures, on the other hand, can be triggered by heavy alcohol and cocaine use.

Sizzurp, a concoction of cough syrup that’s usually mixed with alcohol is rumored to be the main reason for Lil Wayne’s constant attacks, which he vehemently denies.

Severe seizures, especially if repetitive, could cause oxygen levels to drop to a life-threatening level, coupled with dangerous heart rhythms that can be fatal.

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