Limitless Season 2: Netflix simply taking time to build up demand? New hopes abound

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Photo courtesy: Facebook/LimitlessCBS
Limitless Season 2 will be renewed soon via netflix?

The Bradley Cooper-produced dramedy TV series Limitless has become too limited, as its cancellation has been confirmed by CBS last May, and by series creator Craig Sweeny.

The network has failed to give a direct explanation as to why Limitless season 2 has been rescinded, especially that it garnered an average of 7.049 million viewers during its first season, except that it didn’t connect to their targeted market.

But it sure did connect to a lot of viewers that isn’t just in reference to its hardcore followers. As to what type of viewers the series was aiming at, CBS Chief Glenn Geller has made no comment.

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Rumors of a 2nd season sparked as Netflix started to air its first season. There’s been renewed hope that Limitless could be moved to a new network, in spite of the fact that Craig Sweeney shot down that possibility, as reported by MNG.

“I’m truly sad to report that #Limitless will not continue on any platform. Thanks so much to everyone who watched.” Sweeney said.

Fans of the series are left perplexed and reject rumors that Limitless was not being picked up by other networks because it simply didn’t seem to make sense. Perhaps Netflix is just taking its time to study the show’s response?

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An online poll is being made at the moment, as fans try to take things into their own hands. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will be focusing on comedy.

However, low the chances are that the series will be revived at the moment, rumors continue to persist that perhaps Netflix may decide to show Limitless Season 2 if the build up reaches a strong enough demand.

Perhaps that’s just what this is all about?

Some believe the series will be back at a much later time, as the main stars of the film have already made project commitments elsewhere.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/LimitlessCBS

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