Lucifer Season 2: Tom Ellis gives out spoilers

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lucifer season 2
lucifer season 2

So, Season 1 of ‘Lucifer’ had a great end leaving fans wanting for more. The questions and possibilities that Season 1 of Lucifer has left us with have given fans a new hope for Lucifer Season 2.

In the finale episode, we saw Lucifer played by the handsome Tom Ellis returning to Hell; yes the very place from where he ‘escaped’. Having being shot and framed for murder, Lucifer had no option but to return to Hell.

There is some family drama of course upon returning to Hell. He gets reunited with his dad and his demonic brother Amenadile played by D.B. Woodside. But now he has to pay a major price.

In return for his help, Lucifer’s father asks him to help capture an escaped, his mother.

This particular ending has left fans with amazing fan theories for Lucifer Season 2. But what better way than to have some major spoilers for Lucifer Season 2 from Lucifer himself.

Yes, I’m talking about Lucifer star Tom Ellis.

The 37-year-old in an interview with Collider has hinted out the expectations we can have for the upcoming season. According to him, we can expect “a lot of rich stuff for next season.”

Now, that’s quite comforting to know.

Like us, the season finale left Tom too in a bit of shock.

“I was reading it and I thought the finale was fantastic anyway, but I got to that last scene and I was like, ‘What?!’ And then, I thought, ‘God, I really hope we get a Season 2 because I really want to explore this!’ I was excited that that’s how we left it,” he said.

Season 1 of Lucifer gave us a glimpse of Hell and how a man tries to explore his own individual identity by detaching himself from his roots. Along the way, he helps people, catches criminals but ends up being framed for murder instead.

So, what is in store for Lucifer next?

“The first season of the story was about someone going to a different place, and not about the place they’d come from. But the way we left it, it opens up the door for exploring that notion now,” Tom said.

Since the ending of Season 1, fans are curious to know about Lucifer’s mother and how she might be like. But Tom promises us one thing that the character of Lucifer’s mother “will be really fun to play out.”

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