Mafia 3 release date ‘official’ for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; check out the new “One Way Road” trailer

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Photo courtesy: 2K Games/Wikipedia.org

Ever since gamers finished playing Mafia 2, people have waited for the release of Mafia 3. With 2016 being confirmed as the year when 2K and Hangar 13 will release the game, the official Mafia 3 release date is declared to be October 7, 2016 on the recent trailer of the game.

2K has released a new trailer for Mafia 3 on its YouTube channel. The new trailer has showcased a fresh perspective of the games story, titled as “One Way Road.”

A rumor suggested previously that the game was set for release on April. Game Stop posted that Mafia 3 will be sold for $59.99 on PC, Xbox One and PS4, as reported by Cross Map. However, with the official confirmation from the horse’s mouth, we now know that this was never true.

Mafia 3 will take place in post-Vietnam America in 1960’s. The protagonist this time is Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran. He starts up his own crime syndicate only to be eradicated by Big Easy’s organized mob. Lincoln loses his entire gang, family and friends in the process and is left with nothing. It will be up to the players to build Lincoln’s gang once again and then take down the mob.

If fans are disappointed of missing out on the Mafia 2 protagonist Vito Scaletta, they should be happy to know that Vito will be returning in this game to help Clay form one of the biggest mobs in New Orleans.

Many of the people who worked in Mafia 2 have been retained to work in the current game. This will keep the artistic feel which made its predecessor such a huge hit.  The storyline will also be as intense thus keeping the Mafia flavor intact.

Here is the new “One Way Road” trailer.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/2KCentral

Photo courtesy: 2K Games/Wikipedia.org

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