Mammals were nearly wiped out alongside Dinosaurs because of an Asteroid

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A discovery has been recently made that many mammals were killed by the same asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

According to a research published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology  from the University of Bath on the Milner Centre for Evolution, mammals were nearly wiped out together with other species like the Dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period with over 93 percent of them being killed by a prehistoric asteroid.

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The researchers were able to come into this discovery by analyzing fossil records that dated back 2 million years before the massive extinction.

The first assumed percentage of mammals that were killed during the explosion was much smaller than the discovery of the researchers of Milner Centre for Evolution because the fossils that were first examined were only limited.

“The species that are most vulnerable to extinction are the rare ones, and because they are rare, their fossils are less likely to be found.” said Evolutionary biologist Nick Longrich from the University of Bath.

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Longrich also explained that the mammals were the most hit among the other species including lizards, crocodilians, and turtles that were affected during the mass explosion.

However, even with them being the most hit affected species, they were also the quickest to recover after the explosion.

Researchers believe that the mammals were able to recover and multiply quickly after the explosion through eating small insects that eat dead plants and carcasses, and that they are the only species capable of surviving with that.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/ Karora

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