The many (many) women of Fidel Castro; From assassins to school teachers, former Cuban leader supposedly fathered ‘almost a tribe’

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women of Fidel Castro
women of Fidel Castro

While many are mourning the passing of former Cuban president Fidel Castro, others, remember the life of the charismatic leader. A life which included rebellions, assassinations and a slew of affairs with numerous (possibly hundreds of) women all over the globe. The following are some of the many women of Fidel Castro.

Myrta Diaz-Balart

Being the only known wife of Fidel Castro, Myrta Diaz-Balart married the Cuban leader in 1948 and had a son Fidel Angel a year later. Myrta came from a wealthy political family being the daughter of a Cuban mayor.

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Unfortunately, in 1955 she left Castro for his rival Emilio Nunez Portuondo.

Natalia Revuelta

Fidel Castro was also known for his relationships with powerful women. One of them was aristocrat Natalia Revuelta whom Castro had a relationship with while he was married to Myrta Diaz-Balart.

The two reportedly sent each other, passionate letters discussing philosophy, politics, revolution and power. With a bit of romance inserted in between.

“I am on fire,” Castro wrote in 1954. “Write to me, for I cannot be without your letters.”

The two eventually had daughter Alina Fernandez in 1956 who in 1993 left Cuba for the US.

Women of Fidel Castro includes assassin

Marita Lorenz

One of the most well- known and controversial relationships of Fidel Castro was, ironically, with a CIA agent. Marita Lorenz was originally sent by the US government to kill the Cuban leader, but in the end, she was unable to pull the trigger on Castro.

Their affair supposedly began in 1959, and by 1960 she supposedly attempted to assassinate him with poison pills. Castro survived the attempt and tried a second time with a gun. By then, she was too far down the rabbit hole (of love) and dropped the attempt.

“I thought he was going to shoot me, but he gave me the gun and asked, ‘did you come to kill me?’” recalled Lorenz. “Then he took a puff on his cigar and closed his eyes. He made himself vulnerable because he knew I couldn’t do it. He still loved me and I still loved him.”

Dalia Soto del Valle

The last known lover of Fidel Castro Dalia Soto del Valle was supposedly Castro’s companion since 1960. The two allegedly have five children together and only appeared publicly on TV in 2001.

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The list of women of Fidel Castro could possibly go much longer. His book Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and Washington even claim that he had ten children. Although, apparently there is much more with Castro claiming his number of children is “almost a tribe.”

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