Mariah Carey sister troubles, Satanic rituals; Whitney Houston comparison, Morgan Carey Mariah’s brother under threat

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Mariah Carey sister, Morgan Carey Mariah's brother, Photo courtesy: All-systems-go/Flickr
Mariah Carey ignores dying sister with HIV, Mariah Carey sister Alison Carey

When Alison Carey, elder sister of American singer Mariah Carey, was arrested earlier this month on prostitution charges the police of Saugerties, N.Y. issued a disturbing announcement regarding her H.I.V., encouraging whoever had sexual contact with her to have themselves medically examined.

It turns out that Alison Carey has been battling the disease for years, and may have infected more than we could imagine. Morgan Carey Mariah’s brother calls their celebrity sibling a “witch” for not stepping up to their dying sister’s needs.

He said, “Mariah just doesn’t care about anyone but herself and it’s always been that way” in a report by Huffington Post. Mariah Carey, sister troubles had started years back when Alison wanted to publish a tell-all story which reveals the diva’s personal secrets.

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Mariah Carey has disregarded her since 2010.

According to a report by Radar Online, apart from Mariah Carey, sister troubles, Morgan are now in hiding too, afraid for his life after going public about her relationship with their eldest sister.

Mariah Carey is rumored to be obsessed with her reputation, and how she appears in public. So these stories surfacing about her sister extremely vex her.

“It’s about protecting this fiction…this image that she has created. It’s about keeping the darkest secrets covered up.” Morgan Carey Mariah’s brother said.

He’s opened up a box of secrets regarding Mariah’s booze and prescription pills addiction, and that both her sisters were subjected by their mother, Pat, to “horrible” and “evil” satanic rituals.

He added that these are habits they’ve all learned from their mother, and he’s afraid they’ll end up like Whitney Houston.”

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Morgan also accused his sister, too, of exposing her twins to danger when she was pregnant boozing up, which continued even after Moroccan and Monroe were born.

Mariah Carey has long been compared to Whitney Houston as an artist, but was also an influence on her, but here’s hoping she diverts to a cleaner pathway to success.

Photo courtesy: All-systems-go/Flickr

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