Medical marijuana eyed as big business, first dispensary available in Florida next week

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Cannabis 420

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis will soon be available in Florida through Trulieve, one of the six approved dispensing organizations licensed by the state Department of Health to grow, process and distribute strains of the drug.

The use of medical marijuana has been met with challenges, as specialists fear its addictive nature. Other concerns against cannabis include its status as a “gateway drug” which introduces users to other deadlier illegal drugs, and that the use of marijuana has caused many vehicular accidents, as it is known to alter one’s perception.

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The ordering of medical cannabis should have started a year ago, but it has again encountered more challenges that are very technical in nature.

The first dispensary of the drug will open on Tuesday at 800 Capital Circle SE, Tallahassee. This means so much to patients who have been waiting for years to acquire it legally for treatment purposes.

Studies say marijuana legalization offers products with low- THC, which causes a euphoric high, will be used to treat patients with seizures and cancer. It is remarkably effective with patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Medical cannabis is also effective in relieving chronic pain.

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The approval and start of dispensaries for medical marijuana are also good for the economy.

Marijuana operators are looking into what economists forecast as a $3.5 billion per annum market.

Soon, a full-strength drug may be legally available for severe ailments, such as HIV, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease and Glaucoma.

In order to have the potent strand of cannabis, a patient must be declared as terminally ill by at least two registered doctors.

Medical marijuana with low- THC strain may only be acquired through a registered doctor with special authorization, but Florida still prohibits the smoking of the drug. It means that it may only be available as products in the form of cannabis oil and balms, etc.

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