Meghan Markle’s Cinderella dream might be ending even before it has started

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Meghan Markle might be on top of the world with all the attention she can get first from a handsome prince and second by the media. However, her Cinderella dream might be coming to an end even before it has started. Thanks to the people surrounding them.

It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth has warned the prince to stop seeing the actress because she wanted the family to stay as far away from Hollywood as possible. The dislike might have stemmed from Harry’s past relationship with Cressida Bonas who allegedly used Harry and the royal family to give herself good publicity to launch her acting career.

Now, the person who is preventing a happy ending for the actress is none other than her sister, Samantha who revealed and explosive truth in an interview with the British tabloid, The Sun. She said that Markle is a social climber who has been following Prince Harry because she wanted to marry a prince.

Samantha said that her sister is a cold-hearted, selfish woman who turned her back from her family just to pursue her Hollywood dream. She said that she and Meghan had a good relationship, but it all changed after their father filed for bankruptcy last year. She said the actress refused to give them the financial assistance they needed even though Markle can afford it because of her earnings. She said she was very disappointed knowing that they have been there for her throughout the years, especially when she had just been a struggling actress.

Despite Samantha’s accusations against her sister, no one really knows for sure whether there is truth to her words or not. On the other hand, Harry is an adult who has a lot of experience meeting different kinds of women that he will surely know whether someone is an opportunist or not. Meanwhile, the public will continue to observe what will happen next in the days to come.

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