Michael Jackson forced to sign will, executors conspiracy, legal battles with secret son

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Michael Jackson, Photo courtesy: Zoran Veselinovic/Flickr
Michael Jackson family will, inheritance invalid, says Anthony Jackson II, secret son

Michael Jackson has lived a life so controversial that his death has only led to more questions, and opened up chests and boxes of secrets. From accusations of child molestation, drug abuse and payoffs, the stories keep on piling up even as his body lies six feet under.

Just a few days ago, a sweet story surfaced about Michael Jackson’s secret relationship with a fan. It was a far cry from those odious rumors we have unfortunately gotten used to.

The story of his relationship with Shana Mangatal was a nice follow up from all the nice tributes shared during the celebration of Michael Jackson birthday. It is also not the type of odd friendship he once had with Elizabeth Taylor.

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According to a report by Yahoo! Shana Mangatal gave a more positive, normal account of Jackson as a person. He denied rumors of him being bi-sexual and shunned stories of his suspicious intentions towards children.

The Shana Mangatal story brings us back to the better days of the King of Pop describing him as flirtatious, macho in spite of his innocence, and a “sexy guy in real life.”

Unfortunately, we’re back in line with “Jacko” stories, as a report by Radar Online reveals Michael has a secret son- Anthony Jackson II, nicknamed “James”.

Anthony claims that after his real father, Tony Jackson died, who was Michael’s first-degree cousin, “the Decedent Michael Jackson stepped in and offered to raise me as his son, as a co-parent with my mother Debra Jackson.”

He further claimed that the Jackson family knew Michael Jackson considered him as his son, and claims that the will he executed in 2002 was invalid since he was only forced to sign it. He plans to fight for his inheritance money, which is reportedly in the millions for allowances, education, a house, a car, and a future business, which the Jacksons have denied.

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Anthony Jackson II painted a picture of conspiracy within the family, of executors’ mismanagement and deception saying:

“They have systematically put the estate in financial jeopardy by making deals, purchases, sales, and/or taking out loans,” and that their “excessive compensation created a conflict of interest, in that the executors needed to make deals in order to profit from the estate. I also believe the executors made unnecessary and/or bad deals for the estate.”

Michael Jackson kids are Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II and Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

Photo courtesy: Zoran Veselinovic/Flickr

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