Michelle Gregg reacts to criticisms

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Michelle Gregg with husband Deonne Dickerson (photo courtesy of Facebook/Michelle Gregg)

Michelle Gregg along with her husband Deonne Dickerson are being held accountable by netizens after the incident in Cincinnati Zoo where their son fell into the gorilla enclosure. Gregg though has reacted to the online petition on her Facebook account. On Facebook, she has posted that accidents happen but has also been thankful that her son has escaped the ordeal with little injury.

According to Yahoo News the account of Gregg has been deactivated after the post. However before being deactivated, Mic staff writer Phillip Lewis was able to make a screenshot of the post. In the Facebook post, Gregg expressed her gratitude to those who have sent their prayers. She also took the time to note of the criticism that has come after the incident.

On the same post, she has said that society can be quick to judge on parents who are negligent. For her part, she says that she has always kept a close on her children though accidents do happen, as she posted it.

Netizens though have responded as well to her post. Cincinnati police have also said that they are investigating the incident to see if there might be a possibility of neglect on the part of the parents.

Michelle Gregg and her husband Deonne Dickerson were at the Cincinnati Zoo with their children last Saturday when the incident happened. Their 4-year old son fell into the gorilla enclosure. The 400-pound male silverback gorilla, Harambe, has been shot by zoo officials over fears of the child’s safety.

Footage of the incident though seems to cast doubts on whether the gorilla posed any danger. The footage taken seems to indicate the gorilla trying to protect the boy, as the Mirror reports.

Interest over the incident won’t likely die down soon as attention now focuses on the child’s parents. There is much interest since it is alleged that the father has a criminal record. The record includes burglary as well as drug trafficking and firearms offenses, although it is said that in recent years Dickerson is trying to turn his life around.

Michelle Gregg is an administrator at a pre-school in Cincinnati. Kim O’Connor, a witness of the incident, said that Gregg has been watching over a group of children when her son fell into the enclosure. According to her, the boy wanted to get in the water but Gregg has been telling him not to, as Mic states in its report.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Michelle Gregg

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