Miley Cyrus Dead at 23; After Jaden Smith, the Voice star is next victim of suicide hoax

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Miley Cyrus Death Hoax
Miley Cyrus Death Hoax

While the internet is still busy falsely mourning the fake death of Jaden Smith, another suicide hoax popped up online, this time of Miley Cyrus. According to alleged news, the upcoming Voice coach was said to have been found unresponsive in her bathtub on September 5.

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In the fabricated report, Cyrus was supposedly “found by her own entourage,” and went on to report that “investigators were trying to determine the cause of death.”

Obviously, Miley is alive and well and was even out with fellow death hoax victim Jaden Smith at a Drake concert in Los Angeles. The false report, which was started by Now8News, a website known for click baiting people with false headlines, was picked up by the Hollywood Life, but immediately disproved.

“We’re sure if there was any truth to these reports, Miley’s fiancé Liam Hemsworth would be taking to social media immediately,” reported the entertainment website. “The lovebirds appear to be happier than ever these days and she’s totally been rocking her giant sparkler with pride, so we’re not taking these false reports kindly!”

Miley Cyrus reacts to her death hoax

Miley Cyrus also gave her reaction to the news of her own death, poking fun at the fake report.

“Miley thinks that it is hilarious that she is the latest celebrity to be caught in the death hoax,” sources of Hollywood Life stated. “When it happens again she hopes the people who make the hoax think of a more clever way of the reason for her demise since the bathtub reason was pretty weak for her more morbid sense of humor.”

Jaden Smith and Miley Cyrus aren’t the only recent victims of a celebrity death hoax.

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Earlier this month, Sylvester Stallone was also part of a fake rumor claiming that the 70-year old actor had died of a drug overdose. News about his supposed death was made to be even more convincing as the CNN logo was also used in an image about his overdose.

Until an anti-death hoax law is enacted, we will probably still see more of this type of news in the near future. Nonetheless, let’s just be thankful that all these celebrities are in the best of health.

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