Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach dating a hot doctor; Find out who

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Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is in the news again. But this time, it is not due to a goof-up or Super Bowl matches. Pia is trending in the news due to her dating life.

Yes, that’s right.

Three months into the Miss Universe crown and she is dating a handsome man. Pia is dating none other than the hottest doctor on Instagram, Dr. Mike according to E!Online.

This is indeed sad news for single ladies around but unfortunately, you lost the race to Pia ladies. Sorry!

Dr. Mike had been named ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ in 2015 by People magazine. He is a Russian-born doctor whose full name is Mikhail Varshavski. Ever since Mike surfaced on social media, girls have swooned over him. Currently, he has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and the numbers go on increasing each day.

Rumors about the two dating each other started almost a month ago when the pair was spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at New York’s Balvanera restaurant. Mike then posted a picture on Instagram next to the beauty which added more fuel to the speculation.

“She says she wanted to be a doctor until she realized she’s deathly afraid of the sight of blood, so she decided to win #MissUniverse instead. #touché #welldone #stoneheartday @piawurtzbach.” Mike aka Mikhail Varshavski wrote on Instagram.


Pia too posted a selfie of them together after enjoying a workout together. “Zombies after boxing @RealDoctorMike,” Pia posted.


During her live Facebook chat on March 12, fans asked her whether she was dating anyone. But Wurtzbach denied being in a relationship. “No. There’s no specific someone in my life. This is the specific someone. This is the priority,” she said.

However, Mike confirmed that the two, in fact, are dating each other. “I am dating Pia. It’s a fairly new relationship but I’m really excited to see where it can go!,” he told Wonderwall.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Pia Wurtzbach

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