Movember Movement 2016: 15 facts about growing facial hair for a good cause

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It is that time of the year again as men will have to put down the razor, hide away the clippers and trouble the barber no more.

November is no more as the month now heralds Movember.

It was thirteen years when the event was first launched to raise awareness and money for men’s health in 2003, and the craze can still be spotted among men who look like they stepped out of Downtown Abbey or even worse, the Duck Dynasty.

In celebration of the Movember event, here are 15 facts that might help understand the humble beginnings of the beautiful facial hair – the mustache, per the Mirror UK.

  • Movember Movement

The Movember movement is an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues like testicular and prostate cancer. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event and their goal is to change the face of men’s health.

The charity current partners include The Institute of Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer UK.

  • No Shave November

The event is also known as No Shave November and the aim is for men to brave the task of growing a mustache to raise awareness in a public and obvious way. Men who might want to take part in the movement can sign up at http://uk.movember.com

  • Movember Origin

Bringing the diminutive word ‘Mo’ for mustache and November together, the event started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. A group of friends decided to revive the mustache as a new trend for a good cause. 30 people took part at that time, and the event got popular since then, with women also supporting it.

  • Movember Rules

There are rules to follow upon registration and must be obeyed for the whole month of November.

  1. Begin the month of November clean shaven
  2. Grow and groom the mustache for the whole month
  3. Mustache only, as beards are not allowed
  4. Sadly, the hair from the chin to the handlebars are a no-no
  • Mustache History

The first artifact known to sport a mustache dates back to 300 BC , which showed an Iranian horseman with a black facial hair, according to Mirror UK.

  • Hair Count of the ‘Stache

According to the Wikipedia, the average mustache has 600 hairs while there are between 10,000 to 20,000 hairs on a man’s face.

  • Wet Mustache

An average one-month-old mustache can hold 10 per cent of a glass of beer or 30ml of liquid before leaking its contents down on the owner’s face.

  • Albert Einstein’s ‘stache

The genius theoretical physicist sported and was known for his mustache for 50 years.

  • The Beatles 

The Beatles gave away cardboard mustaches in 1967 as a promotion for their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  • Burt Reynolds

The legendary actor’s mustache has its own Facebook page with 4,000 fans and counting. However, it doesn’t update a post as that would be weird.

  • Mustache Vanity

On average, a man sporting a mustache touch it 760 times a day.

  • Kissing with a Mustache

In Eureka, Nevada, USA, it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss women.

  • US Marines

One of the rules of the US Marines is to trim their mustache as they are not allowed to grow it longer than half an inch.

  • The World’s Longest Mustache

Singh Chauhan of Rajasthan holds the world’s longest mustache who proudly sports a 14ft ‘stache. He reportedly massages it in mustard and coconut oil.

  • The Police

Indian police in the district of Madhya Pradesh state are paid to grow mustaches because it is believed that it makes them command more respect.

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