Mythbusters’ Build Team set for a comeback, new show airs on December

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If you miss the names Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci and Kari Byron, then you are in for one good treat. The Mythbusters’ Build Team is set for a comeback with a new series entitled Mythbusters in Wonderland. The said unscripted original series is set to premiere on Netflix December 9.

In a report published by CBR, the show was announced at DragonCon on Saturday where the former M7 team members were all present at the panel. The producers chose the title Mythbusters in Wonderland ‘because of its premise that sees the scientist go for a trip down the rabbit hole through the depths of the internet to do crazy feats’.

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According to The Gazette Review, the new Netflix show began production in May and it seems like it will cover some of the same materials as Mythbusters. However, it was revealed that the new show is not directly a spin-off.

“I was on the panel when they announced this. They described it as Mythbusters in Wonderland. The subject they tackle are those that you find when you go down the rabbit hole on the internet,” Nerdist reader Leif Anderson said in an interview. “Then they showed a hilarious teaser clip of Tory and Kari sitting down for some win, except Tory is strapped up to a bunch of wires and Kari is attempting to control his arm movements remotely. You can imagine how well it turned out.”

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The trio were all part of the original Mythbusters show, which was aired for a good 13 years until its final episode in March of this year.

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