NASA New Zodiac Signs 2016 Update: No truth behind 13th sign

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NASA New Zodiac Signs 2016
Photo courtesy: Peter Drach/Flickr

NASA New Zodiac Signs 2016

It was quite apparent that many people became interested in the newly discovered zodiac sign called Ophiuchus aka Serpentarius. Of course, astrological signs or zodiac signs have been part of many people’s lives and they have been included in almost every society’s culture for many, many years.

In essence, the newest addition to the family of zodiac signs obviously caused some stir in the internet world. If you are a fan of these signs or an avid reader of horoscopes, you’ll understand that there would be some major changes in the dates after NASA decided to include the 13th sign.

Dubbed as the NASA New Zodiac Signs 2016, many people got really confused about this major overhaul.

“All my clients are freaking out,” said Shelley Ackerman, a New York-based astrologer and the member of the American Federation of Astrologers. “It’s ridiculous.”

However, according to Parent Herald, there is no truth behind the so-called 13th sign as it was debunked by a British astrologer saying it’s just an ‘overlooked star.’ Astrologer Steve Judd, on the other hand, couldn’t believe that the public fell into NASA’s claims.

“We prefer things to be more regular and orderly. You try telling someone who has been a Scorpio all their life they are not and see what happens,” Judd said. He also claimed that the NASA New Zodiac Signs 2016 doesn’t apply for Western astrology.

“It’s disturbing a lot of people,” Arizona astrologer Salvador Russo said. “I think it’s aimed at discrediting astrology to prevent people from gaining wisdom and enlightenment.”

Meanwhile, The Guardian also stated that many astrologers don’t want the followers to feel that they had a new sign and insisted that Ophiuchus was not terribly important.

“Signs are seasons and they don’t have anything to do with the stars,” said Joyce Van Horn, a San Francisco-based astrologer. “The constellations change – the seasons don’t.”

Photo courtesy: Peter Drach/Flickr

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