NBA Trade Rumors: D’ Angelo Russell top 3 trade destinations

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Mar 30, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell (1) at press conference related to forward Nick Young (0) at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Even though D’Angelo Russell already asked an apology for his recent blunder, NBA rumors are still targeting the young Lakers point guard. One of the most dominant issues concerning Russell after the incident is his possible departure from the Los Angeles Lakers. And here are some of the rumored teams that may still be willing to take Russell not because of what he has done recently, but because of what he can do for them.

Boston Celtics

It is undeniable that Russell has a potential of becoming a star franchise player. And with that, Boston Celtics are rumored of wanting to acquire the young point guard’s service. However, there is a little chance for them to do so. On the other hand, a league executive thinks there could be a way of making such trade deal a reality.

“All those picks and young players Boston has, they could probably put a package together that would at least pique the Lakers’ interest. But do the Lakers want to move him over something like this? I don’t think so. But hey, stranger things have happened,” Sherrod Blakely of reported.

And with the current trust issues among players caused by the release of the recorded video of Nick Young’s cheating confession, teams would be capitalizing on such apparent loophole. The Lakers might even re-evaluate their current roster, possibly leading to offloading of some players.

Philadelphia 76ers

Still in connection with the current trust issues lurking in the Lakers backyard, it is not impossible to see the name of D’Angelo Russell on the trading block early next NBA season. Other teams could use a point guard like Russell, who has noteworthy court vision and the talent to hit from three-point range, for that matter some teams may capitalize on the current events in the Lakers’ locker room. One man’s trash could be other man’s treasure as they would say. And by other teams, it would likewise include Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers have a bunch of big guys, thus igniting another scenario of the Sixers trading for Russell in exchange for one of their big men. Kyle Neubeck of Liberty Ballers somehow suggested a more complicated scenario when it comes to Sixers trading for Russell.

“Okafor has been better at doing his “thing” than Russell, and despite his troubles teammates and coaches have gone to bat for him as a person. Noel for Russell might be a fairer base for a trade (and make more sense for the Lakers, in dire need of a rim-protector) but a defense with Russell at the point of attack and Okafor at the rim might give up 700 points per game. I value Russell’s strengths a lot philosophically, but he has raised some eyebrows in the worst way even if you’re dead set on moving one of the bigs,” Neubeck reported.

Chicago Bulls

It may be hard to swallow for some Bulls fans, but there are some rumors that Jimmy Butler may exit United Center arena. The speculations of chemistry issues within the locker room of the Bulls has caught the attention of NBA insiders, and pointing out to the possibility of the Bulls management to deal with Jimmy Butler, who “has become a corny diva who’s trying to figure out how to lead.”

And with the current situation in the Lakers locker room and their need for a quick rebuild, they may want to trade Russell for Jimmy Butler. FoxSports’ Michael Pina even reported that:

“The Lakers have enough cap space to sign two max-level players this summer, but the free agency route hasn’t worked in their favor the past few summers. So trading the unknown for a tangible certainty is worthwhile. The only two players Chicago would want are Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell.”

However, all these things remain as speculations unless the LA Lakers totally is losing their trust on their point guard because of the off-court shenanigan activities. And if so, the willingness of these rumored teams taking Russell in would still be in question whether they are taking the risk or not.

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