NCIS LA Daniela Ruah, Miguel Ferrer really saying goodbye to the show and here’s the reason why

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NCIS LA has been wracked by sad news both on-screen and off-screen. In the show, the characters have been at the edge of their seats not knowing what will really happen to Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah). Off-screen rumors of Miguel Ferrer’s, who plays Owen Granger, failing health continue to persist. Because of these, rumors about them leaving the show anytime soon are getting much stronger and the possibility of that is really big. Here are some of the glaring reasons why the two will eventually leave the show.

Daniela Ruah

Ruah is a new mother whose child needed her now more than ever. The first months of the baby are very important and Ruah most probably won’t trade being with her child anytime in the world. Her career as part of the NCIS LA team might be lucrative, but given it’s their first baby, her family will come first.

Moreover, the fate of her character is still being considered; thus, it could get worse or she could recover. However, given the nature of Kensi’s injury (spinal injury), there’s a very slim possibility that she will be back to normal. If indeed she gets out of the accident alive, she will be confined to a wheelchair and the writers of the show have to think how to make this new Kensi fit in.

What would be her role in the team? How would the story revolve around her? Most definitely, there would be an episode or two that will tackle her recovery if she is going to stay but what about after that?

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer has been the target of ‘dead celebrity‘ news. According to the rumors and speculations going around, Ferrer has suffered a stroke while others say that he has inherited his father’s illness. His father reportedly died of cancer.

It is sad that such news would exist because they are unfounded nor have any basis. In truth, the actor has been tapped to return to Twin Peaks where he will reprise his role again as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield. Moreover, the plight of his character in NCIS LA seems to be heading towards him leaving the show.

As everybody who has been watching the series, Granger has failed to identify who the mole is inside the organization. Because of that, he has been placed under so much pressure to find the traitor or be fired. Until now, he hasn’t done anything yet that will keep him as the assistant chief.

What do you think about Kensi and Granger’s fate?

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