NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Nell Jones gets a huge lead in the mole investigation; Kensi ready to return to the team

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It looks like the NCIS: Los Angeles team is finally one step closer to discovering who the real mole is. Meanwhile, Kensi is trying her best to get back to the team.

Last Sunday’s episode showed that the team got a big break in their mole investigation, per TV Guide. This is largely due to their analyst Nell Jones’ interrogation skills as she got Karl Brown to talk. Karl is a former NCIS LA employee in solitary confinement after confessing to leaking information.

Nell told Karl a sob story about an ex-boyfriend who got killed in jail. She used the story to make him a fear of his own safety. Eventually, Karl broke and he told Nell, where he met Natalie and gave details about their meeting. This allowed Eric Beale to track her down.

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The team tracked down Natalie Grant aka Amber Wilcox, in Karl’s house. It turns out, she was the mysterious assailant who killed the two men posing as sheriff’s deputies outside of Callen’s house. She also happens to be Karl’s handler. The real question, however, is: who were Karl and Natalie working for?

Unfortunately, Natalie didn’t want to give details unless she gets a lawyer and witness protection first. But as the team takes her away, gunmen ambushed them with Natalie fatally shot. She eventually died before help can arrive, but not without giving up a name and location: Ray and Lemon Grove Park.

Beale tracked down Ray in a surveillance footage which revealed that she was the woman who once hit on Granger at a bar.  The episode ended with the team on a stakeout mission, poised to arrest Ray as soon as she arrives at the bar. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. For now.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Kensi is showing promising signs in her recovery, according to Buddy TV. She also gets a visit from her physical therapy buddy Sullivan who says he passed the physical exams to return to his unit. This inspired Kensi to work hard on her recovery.

However, it may be too soon for her to return to the team. This happened when Kensi heads to a gun range and appears to have full functionality in her trigger finger. But when Hetty finds her practicing, she instructs her to try shooting with her non-dominant hand, and Kensi can’t do it. Looks like she got another few weeks to go before she can return full time.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.

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