NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Ratings dropped, could be the show’s last season

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NCIS: New Orleans had shown much promise, but as a series of challenges arose, the show’s rating has reportedly dropped and there are rumors surfacing that it could be the show’s last season.

Trouble began when the NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg suddenly died last week. This has left fans a lot of question what happens next now that Glasberg is not on the show. No one can deny the influence the late director had on the show. He started as the show’s co-executive producer and writer until 2011 when he became its showrunner. From that time until his death, he was responsible for making NCIS: New Orleans as one of the most watched U.S. TY drama series for five straight seasons. With his demise, the show’s ratings were affected.

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After his death, another blow came to the show with the departure of Zoe McLellan‘s departure from the show, which further affected the show’s ratings. From its 11 to 12 million viewers during its premiere episode for season 3, the ratings are going downhill from there. Although the second episode rating showed some improvements, it is still low compared to what the show has been expecting.

The show has to find something to renew the interest of its viewers. Something that will take their minds away from the recent developments happening in the show. If such performance continues, there is a possibility that this could be the show’s last season.

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Meanwhile, episode 3 of NCIS: New Orleans will find the team investigating something much bigger than a soldier’s murder. It turned out that the current case they are investigating is heavily tied up to a kidnapping case which happened in Mexico. As the team tries to follow the murder trail, they will discover more shocking truths along the way. The case was so big that the S.W.A.T team will be called to the scene.

NCIS: New Orleans airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. On NBC.

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