NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Zoe McLellan left a hole in the series; Vanessa Ferlito fills void

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NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Zoe McLellan left a hole in the series? Vanessa Ferlito fills void?
Rumors are swirling Zoe McLellan left a hole on NCIS New Orleans Season 3 and the injection of Vannesa Ferlito managed to fill that void.

NCIS New Orleans Season 3 has already started, but fans will notice that Zoe McLellan (Agent Meredith Brody) will not come back. Rumors are swirling McLellan left a hole on the show and the injection of Vannesa Ferlito managed to fill that void.

In the last season, Agent Brody compromised the team with her relationship with a traitor and Homeland Security Agent John Russo (Ivan Sergei). Parade.com reported that when McLellan left the show, they have to double their efforts in creating a story line that would be a sold out to its fans and followers.

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Luckily, they were able to inject the character of FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio played by Vanessa Ferlito. Agent Gregorio will visit New Orleans to investigate deeper as to how team Pride (Scott Bakula) got compromised.

Executive producer Christopher Silber explained that McLellan’s departure pave way for Ferlito to come in. Though they had some glitches but creator Gary Glasberg noted that Ferlito brings a new energy to the series. Glasberg added it’s a fresh start for the show that will have viewers something to look forward to every episode.

“The first episode back showcases the city in such a beautiful way, and Vanessa’s fantastic. The energy that she brings to the show, I just think it’s a new, fresh, dynamic that’s doing great for the rest of our cast,” Glasberg said.

The team is a bit shaken after McLellan left the show due to personal reasons, but as they say “the show must go on.” Ferlito’s character also carries a dark past that is no wonder why she gets to investigate Pride’s team. Pride knows somewhat knows her secret and her being in New Orleans is no coincidence as she looks for a closure.

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Spoiler TV reported that a still unidentified sniper still lingers within the city, Pride stake his job on the line. Pride helps former Navy Intelligence Analyst Elvis Bertrand (Tom Arnold), who is the lead suspect in multiple homicide cases. Ferlito (Agent Gregorio) will clash with the team, especially on how they handle the case, makes them want Agent Brody back.

But in the end, Agent Gregorio will be able to blend well with the team find the sniper and neutralize him. It will be a rough start for team Pride but eventually they will be able to breeze through it all.

McLellan might have left a void in the show, but creative minds were able to fill that void to make the story line interesting. Now that they have established of why McLellan’s character had to take a leave of absence, it is time to get to work for Team Pride.

NCIS Season 3 airs every Tuesday 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on CBS. Watch Season 3 Episode 2 promo.

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