NCIS: New Orleans shows heroism is not only on-camera but also off-camera

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NCIS New Orleans
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The cast and crew of NCIS: New Orleans proved that their heroism is both on and off-camera. Their good deed happened during the Louisiana flooding in August.

Under the Radar

The NCIS: New Orleans team showed that they were real heroes, even when the camera was not rolling. They helped without even publicizing what they did. The good deed, however, did not go unnoticed.

Even before the flooding happened, the cast and crew of the show were already busy filming in the area. However, they were not aware at first when the flooding happened. Daryl Mitchell, who plays computer specialist Patton Plame, recalled that his friends were asking him at that time if he was okay. When they turned on the TV, they were all shocked and moved to tears by what they saw. They immediately decided to send help in any way.

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It was automatic because a lot of the NCIS: New Orleans crew were from Baton Rouge and they have close ties in that area. Joseph Zolfo, the producer of the show, said that a lot of the crew have friends and relatives in the area up North that were flooded. So they started gathering anything they could give to help.

“I’m so proud of our company as a whole because we are actively sending clothes, shoes, food, tweeting out support, Facebook, the whole deal,” said Shalita Grant, who plays Special Agent Sonja Percy on the show.

Robert Kerkovich, who plays Sebastian Lund, says that he hopes that the people in Louisiana would not feel alone and abandoned. He added that almost all of the country are doing their best to help.

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The flood had destroyed more than 40,000 homes at that time. Retired NCIS agent D’Wayne Swear, who serves as the consultant of NCIS: New Orleans and the inspiration for the Scott Bakula’s character, said that the people of Louisiana have always been resilient and proud. Swear is also from New Orleans.


Photo Courtesy: NCISNewOrleans/Instagram

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